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Erasing the deficit on the backs of our adversaries

Bill Iran $32 Trillion for 32 years of chanting "death to America" and erase the deficit. If that isn't a billable offense I don't know what is. We can collect at a time of our choosing. If they start a war with us, we should know how we're going to pay for that + this will be a good way to address their malevolence directly without the use of force (unless it becomes neccessary to "repo" Iran in order to give Iran back to its people.) Let's balance the deficit on the backs of our adversaries rather than upon the backs of the American people. This should end the partisan bickering in Congress over the deficit and bankrupt the regime so they can't afford nuclear weapons. Solves both problems in one billing cycle.

Extracting 50% of 1/4 of the world's oil reserves annually until this bill is paid in full is not too high a price for Iranians to pay for their liberation from an abysmal terrorist sponsoring regime that hosts al-quaida on their territory and provides safe haven to our enemies.

No one in gov. has yet found a way to solve both these problems, and I don't suggest this will be easy, just do-able in spite of it never having been tried by this gov. before.

I think the Pres. needs all the good ideas he can get with all the problems we face, so my job as a citizen is to inspire him to think. Diplomacy is "the art of the possible" and where it concerns regime replacement therapy, the therapy starts as the people rejoice in their newly aquired freedom.

If Mr. Obama likes this idea, I challenge him to offer me a job and put my brains to work on a regular basis solving his problems in the world.


Best Regards,


Eric Jette



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